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The Elbiax

Copyright © 1998 Leonard O. Farnsworth III





8 (9)

















Powers: *Linked

Extra Limb (arms) 7 (x2)*, Extra Limb (tail) 7*, Poison Touch 7*, Flash 7*, Growth 1

Skills: *Linked

Scientist 9*, Gadgetry 9*, Vehicles (Air, Land, Space) 2*


The arms grant a +1 to grappling attempts; Poison Touch is in a stinger in the tail; Poison Touch is non-lethal (unable to reduce current BODY condition below zero).


The tail is non-prehensile and is too stiff to use in grappling; Poison Touch does not affect members of the Elbiax's species; Poison Touch does not work against things that do not have a biological nervous system; Flash can only be used as a light source, not as an attack; Growth is always on; APs gained from growth are already figured into characteristics.


Scholar (Particle Physics), Genius, Iron Nerves


Strange Appearance, Public Identity, Voluntary Exile, Catastrophically Curious


Sens-O-Matic V [BODY: 1, INT: 6, Scientist (Analysis): 6*, Analytical Smell: 6*, Detect: 6* (Radiation, Electromagnetic fields.), Directional Hearing: 6*, Extended Hearing: 6*, Full Vision: 6*, Microscopic Vision: 6*, Radar Sense: 6*, Radio Communication: 6*, Recall: 8, Sonar: 6*, Super Hearing: 6*, Telescopic Vision: 6*, Thermal Vision: 6*, Ultra Vision: 6*, X-Ray Vision: 6* (Does not function through lead or similar X-ray insulators), R#: 5]
The Elbiax happened to have a standard bottom-level student-grade scientific sensor array in its pocket. The device can be used to perform scientific analysis and has several basic expert systems pre-installed (simulated by the italicized INT). This particular Sens-O-Matic has weathered several years of constant use and is prone to conking out.
5 AP ABCD Omni-Gadgets (x3)
8 AP ABCD Omni-Gadget


Most intelligent creatures would run away from a rift in the fabric of space and time. LBX1012-9102 (that's its "name"), being a scientist, went toward it and ended up smack in the middle of New York City, 1932. Before that moment, it had a fairly ordinary life studying physics and dodging stray attempts by various Old Ones to devour random members of its species on its home planet.


LBX1012-9102's "private life" currently revolves around its alien nature. Despite its obvious technological superiority, no government nor university would think of employing it. It has no family, and even those Mystery Men who have accepted it as something other than a monster hardly think of it so much as a friend--more as a sort of tame reptile.


Imagine if you will a creature standing 8 1/2 to 9 feet tall. Its grayish-black skin stretched taunt over an alien skeleton. A long, draconic head with glowing orange multifaceted eyes, a single glowing nodule between them (like seem on some deep ocean fish) and long, chisel like teeth. A powerful body with 4 arms each ending a set of talons capable of crushing a mans skull, a bony double ridge down its back ending in a long skeletal tail. A closer examination of these "hands" reveals a slit in each palm, containing a white mass of writhing polyps rather like a nest of maggots (these are in fact tongues, with each slit being a feeding mouth... they are also this being's fine manipulators.)


Eldrich terror from the blackest pits of nightmare.

Actually it's a perfectly respectable particle physicist from some Lovecraftian parallel world.

Alter Ego: LBX1012-9102 Occupation: Particle Physicist
Motivation: Thrill of Discovery Wealth: 0
Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: None Height: 9' 0"
Weight: 400 Eyes: Glowing Orange
Hair: None

Powers and Abilities

LBX1012-9102's "powers" are just the normal abilities of its people. In fact, it is a bit of an un-athletic nerd on its own world. Its WILL, MIND, and SPIRIT scores are necessary to simply remain sane living in a world that most humans would consider a nightmare made solid. Its remarkable intellect is the only attribute that its people would consider above average, and in this area, it more than excels. It would be considered gifted on any world, and its familiarity with science centuries ahead of our own makes it effectively a genius. Improvised gizmos that would be its world's equivalent of public school science fair projects are powerful implements in its new surroundings.

LBX1012-9102's Dimension

LBX1012-9102's home is simply inimical to life as we know it. All inhabitants of Earth's dimension who enter it and do not keep their eyes (or other dominant sensory organs) firmly shut will be subject to a Phobia attack of AV/EV 8/8 every turn they are there. In addition to this, extremes of heat, cold, random acid sprays, and other dangerous effects give the environment an effect of a 5AP physical attack. Since this is from a myriad of causes, Flame Immunity, Cold Immunity, or similar specific protective powers would not apply against this.

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