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The Ranger

Copyright © 1998 Bryan J. Maloney
ST 14 IQ 15 Move: 7
DX 16 HT 14
Damage: Thrust 1d; Swing 2d;
Boxing Punch
2d; Revolver 3d

Ally: James Taunton
Combat Reflexes
Contact: Britt Reid (Green Hornet) , Usually reliable, on 15 or less.
Danger Sense
High Pain Threshold
Reputation: Good Guy, +4 reaction, all non-criminals.
Toughness 2
Constantly chased by reporters, fans, etc.
Compulsive attraction to the Old West
Code of Honor
Secret: Ted Reid keeps his identity concealed when working as the Ranger
Trademark: The Ranger leaves a silver bullet behind him.
Weak Will 2
Climbing-16; Fast Talk-15; Sex Appeal-15; Bard-15; Interrogation-15; Criminology-15; Forensics-15; Boxing-18; Feint (Boxing)-19, Hit Location (Boxing)-18; Wrestling-18; Arm Lock-18; Ground Fighting (Wrestling)-18; First Aid-15; Camoflage-15; Demolition-15; Tracking-15; Escape-16; Stealth-16; Guns (Pistols)-22; Acting-15; Disguise-15; Pilot (Airplanes)-16; Drive (Motorcycles)-16; Drive (Cars)-16; History (Old West)-15; Survival (Desert)-15; Survival (Mountain)-15.