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Character Creation

Characters are not to be designed by the players. Rather, the players are to submit character histories and descriptions to the gamemaster (with no reference to game rules or mechanics). The GM will then build the characters to match the descriptions.
Breakable Gadgets may have additional PD and ED purchased for them. Likewise, they can have additional BODY. Gadgets begin with initial PD and ED as determined in the Hero 4th edition rules. All gadgets begin with a BODY of 1. Defense and BODY that apply only to the gadget and not to the character are purchased with a -1/2 Limitation.

Combat Rules

Characters must purchase Weapon Familiarity with unarmed combat or suffer the normal penalty of not having Weapon Familiarity.
Heroic level Pushing rules are in force for all powers that use END. Powers that do not use END cannot be Pushed.

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