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The Joker

Copyright © 1998 Kirsten Maloney






















Powers: *Linked, Mystic Linked

Invulnerability: 8*†, Mind Blank: 8*†, Mind Blast: 8*†, Iron Will: 8*†, Mind Probe: 8*†

Bonuses and Limitations

Invulnerability: Counteracts Physical Damage, Counteracts Mental Damage, Counteracts Mystical Damage.
Mind Blast: Mind Blast is only activated when Joker's Mind Blank or Iron Will is activated and only against the character attempting the mental power. This is an automatic action and is not under the Joker's control.
Mind Probe: The Joker is not conscious of the information he gains from Mind Probe, nor does he consciously control it. Instead, every 18AP of time, the power is activated against whomever the Joker is directing his attention. This then gleans information about the "dark side of the soul" of that character. This then acts as a template modifying the Joker's personality. If the Joker is isolated when Mind Probe kicks in, he becomes completely incoherent for 18AP of time.

Skills: *Linked

Artist (Actor): 9, Charisma (Intimidation): 10, Weaponry (Exotic Weapons, Firearms, Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons): 10, Military Science (Camouflage): 7*, Vehicles (Land Vehicles): 4*, Thief (Escape Artist, Locks and Safes, Security Systems, Stealth): 6


Luck, Scholar [Killing], Rough and Tumble, Sharp Eye, Iron Nerves, Headquarters: Expansive [The Joker has a bewildering array of bolt-holes and safe houses.], Omni-Connection


Connection: High Level [Harlequin]


Distinct Appearance with Public Identity [The Joker has pure white skin, green hair, and perfectly red lips.], Public Identity, Minor Irrational Attraction (Killing People), Catastrophic Psychological Instability, Catastrophic Irrational Attraction (Using only his special Joker weapons against Mystery Men)


Acid Flower[Body: 2, Ammo: 1, Chemical Attack: 5, Acid: 6, R#: 3]
Bonuses and Limitations: Chemical Attack has 0AP Range, Chemical Attack only functions in conjunction with Acid, Acid is Lethal, Acid has a range of 0AP, Activating Acid also activates Chemical Attack
This vicious trick is reserved for getting the Joker out of a tight bind. Externally, it looks like an ordinary flower in his lapel--which it is, but the Joker methodically threads the spray outlet through every boutonniere he wears.
ELECTRIC JOY BUZZER[Body: 4, Ammo: 6, Lightning: 9, R#: 3]
Limitations: No Range
A ton o' laffs! "You brute! You brute! You vicious brute!" the Joker will wail while flailing away in a parody of a sissy-boy slap-fight. But his slaps have much more sting. It looks like a ring, but the ring is actually just the electrode end of an elaborate armature.
Joker Venom Ring[Body: 5, Ammo: 1, Poison Touch: 12 (When the Joker Venom kills, it leaves the victim's lips pulled back in a twisted smile.), R#: 3]
Limitations: Lethal
Probably the vilest toy in the Joker's arsenal. Where he got the formulation is still unknown
8AP AC Omni-Gadget
4AP AC Omni-Gadget (x5)


"Life is so full of sadness. Let me make you happy!" Nobody knows who this madman is, only that death follows him like a puppy. Some few details have been gleaned about him over the years.

Those of his underlings who would voice an opinion when interrogated generally agree that he considers himself a sort of artist, with death as his medium. Like many an artist, he has to "prostitute" his "gift" to "keep spirit and flesh together." What this means is that the Joker works as a professional hit man and assassin (he apparently distinguishes between the two functions). He evidently does quite well at the job, as he enjoys a surprisingly lavish lifestyle.

He makes a point of separating his "art" from "the crap that sells". When doing a paid killing he scrupulously avoids using any trademark techniques. This obsessiveness translates to a +1AP modifer to the OV/RV against any attempt to use the Detective skill to divine the Joker's involvement in an ordinary murder. For his workaday killings, he relies upon a diverse arsenal of ordinary weapons, in which he has remarkable skill. For reasons unfathomable, the Joker refuses to use any mundane weaponry against costumed mystery men. Indeed, if he is disarmed or out of ammunition, he will flee or surrender rather than engage in combat against them with ordinary weaponry.

Whomever the Joker is, he has a frightening reach. He appears to know somebody (or perhaps "have the goods" on somebody) wherever he goes, and he has no compunctions about using his familiarity to his advantage.

In addition to this, his success as a killer for hire has given him an excellent reputation among the leaders of the world's crime organizations.

The greatest mystery about the Joker is that he appears to possess some kind of innate arcane power. Telepathic mystery men have a great deal of difficulty reading his mind or even locating him. Some who have tried have found themselves the victim of a painful psychic backlash.

Some occultists speculate that the Joker may not be an actual living being at all, but that he is a physical manifestation of the malaise that has begun to engulf America and the world since the Great War.

This may explain the Joker's amazingly erratic behavior. While he is usually a brutal killer, at times he can be little more than a naughty boy writ large. If he truly does reflect the dark sides of the minds around him, a particularly bright inner light may act as a damper.

His wealth has permitted him to stockpile the best technology that a dollar can buy in 1932. Thus, he generally has whatever necessary conveniences the situation demands.

He has recently appeared to have found a kindred spirit in a vicious murderess named Harriet "Harley" Quinn--perhaps we will get lucky and one of them will kill the other.


The Joker has pure white skin, ruby-red lips, and brilliant green hair. He prefers to dress in bright purple zoot suits. This bizarre appearance is not make-up. The origin of his affliction is unknown.
Alter Ego: Unknown Occupation: Hit Man
Motivation: Psychopath Wealth: 8
Known Relatives: none Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: unknown Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 150lbs Eyes: Black
Hair: Green

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