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Genre Rules

Killing Combat: See Below
Hero Point Costs:
Dice Action 5
Last Ditch 3
Desperation 20*
Pushing: 2APs
Recovery: 16 APs
Notes: B,C,D (but only in an actual war)
New Rule: When a Character is attacked by attack that would be ruled as "automatically killing" in the DCH "Gritty" genre, his RV from innate Body is divided by three (round down) RV derived from Powers, Skills, or Gadgets is still full value.

Character Creation

Characters are not to be designed by the players. Rather, the players are to submit character histories and descriptions to the gamemaster (with no reference to game rules or mechanics). The GM will then build the characters to match the descriptions.
The basis for the campaign is roughly 900 Hero Points.
The Golden Age character design rules from World at War are used.
Martial Artist now has the following Subskills:
AV: Permits the character to substitute Martial Arts for his AV in HTH combat.
OV: Permits the character to substitute Martial Arts for his OV in HTH combat.
EV: Permits the character to substitute Martial Arts for his EV in HTH combat.
RV: Permits the character to substitute Martial Arts for his RV in HTH combat.
Strike: Permits the character to use the first four subskills for kicks and punches.
Grapple: Permits the character to use the first four subskills for grappling and grabbing.
New Advantage: Rough and Tumble, 5 points
A character with this Advantage does not suffer the +1OV column shift when attacking in unarmed combat.
Characters may have Subskills at different values, Don't worry about the HPcost, the GM will figure that out.
Several new Powers, Advantages, Limitations, etc. exist, taken from the soon-to-be-published "Sidekick Rules" for Blood of Heroes.

Combat Rules

Unskilled Combat
Characters who do not have an appropriate Weaponry skill use any weapon at a +2 column shift to the OV. Likewise, characters without either the Martial Artist skill or the Rough and Tumble Advantage suffer a +1 column shift to OV in any unarmed hand to hand combat.
Killing in Combat
All combat has the potential to kill in this campaign--i.e., there is no Bashing combat. If a character wilfully uses what would seem to be lethal amount of force in combat, then he is assessed a full Hero Point penalty for the Adventure. If a character merely responds to the use of lethal force with his own lethal force, the penalty is halved. If a Character accidentally causes a target to die through the use of excessive force in a situation, he suffers from an Overkill Penalty of 1/4 the total Hero Point award. Excessive force is situational. If a target looks like he cannot receive a certain amount of damage, and the Character attacks with full blast anyway (unless he knows the man is a Daxamite in disguise, for example), that is excessive force Example: An ordinary-looking man is robbing a bank. Hitting him with an 8 AP Energy Blast would be considered excessive force. However, after shooting a blast at him at 4 APs, which he shrugs off without a blink, using 8 APs would be okay.
Trick Shots and Damage
A Trick Shot can be used with any weapon to reduce its EV or the EV of any of its attack Powers. This cannot be done if the EV or Power has been purchased with the "Non-Variable" limitation (from the Sidekick rules).

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