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Powers: *Linked

Sorcery: 9*

Skills: *Linked

Occultist: 6*, Weaponry (Missile Weapons,Melee Weapons): 4*, Animal Handling (Riding): 6*, Artist (Musician): 6*


Languages [Old English, Old Irish, Old Norse, Latin, English], Attractive, Magical Background[Atlantean]


Exile: Voluntary, Loss Vulnerability (Sweetheart's magic will not function during her "monthly time", No Intrinsic Range, All Powers), Minor Irrational Attraction (Popular Culture), Unfamiliar with modern world, Traumatic Flashbacks [When confronted with reminders of the Vikings.], Public Identity


5 AP ABCD Omni-Artifact
Sweetheart always keeps a potion on hand.

Occult Rituals

Sleep of the Ages[Suspension: 20, Casting Time: 3 days (16AP), Necessary Components: Silver-lined Casket (10AP)]
Special Conditions: Caster must be intoxicated with elderberry wine, Ritual can only be cast during dark of the moon, Caster must have eaten no meat for a month beforehand, Ritual will only work on a Ley Line, Caster must be surrounded by but not immersed in water, Caster must either have natural or dyed red hair.
This Ritual sends the caster into a deep trance that greatly slows bodily functions. It is recommended that the caster take some sort of precautions regarding her body in this state.
Wings of the Eagle[Flight: 6, Casting Time: 4 seconds (0AP), Necessary Components: single feather (0AP)]
This ritual creates a pair of wings upon the caster's back, granting her the power of Flight for up to 4 minutes (6AP)


Keserah's last lifetime was as a witch in 11th century Britain. For reasons she is reluctant to discuss, she "slept" for some 900 years to emerge in our century. Not liking the new Britain very much, she came to America to catch up on the world. Since this new world required money to live in and seemed to have no problems with what appeared to be supernatural creatures (automobiles, locomotives, short-haired women) flaunting themselves in public, she took the name "Keserah Westmoreland" (for the west moor land that was her home centuries before) and decided that this was the place to be.

Since she presume the supernatural was everyday, she had no qualms about using her powers publicly. Needless to say, the press took note. After a particularly public escapade, she was asked "What do you call yourself, sweetheart?" Not quite understanding what was said, she responded, "Sweet heart, yes, I have the sweet heart." The name has since stuck.

Various bizarre coincidences all too typical of the lives of magicians landed her in the company of other Mystery Men in New York City.

She is immersing herself in this new world in her spare time. Museums, concerts, operas, amusement parks, night clubs, television, movies, libraries, even bowling are activities she participates in. She's fond of being outdoors, but sees precious little of that where she now lives. If somone is foolish enough to try, she'd like to learn to drive.


Kesera is often involved in Job subplots, given that there is little market in 1932 for a witch. She has run afoul of the NYC ordinances against "fortune telling". Given her enthusiasm for popular culture and her good looks, Romance subplots are likely. She also runs into complications due to her unfamiliarity with modern society.


Sweetheart appears to be in her mid 20's, with reddish-brown hair and clear blue eyes and of average height. She has a lovely voice (many of her spells have a vocal component) and dresses as fashionably as she can manage on her income. She owns little and has a very small apartment cluttered with books (borrowed and bought) and some items of her "trade".
Alter Ego: Kesera Westmoreland Occupation: Fortune Teller
Motivation: Responsibility of Power Wealth: 4
Known Relatives: none Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: New York City Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120lbs Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn

Powers and Abilities

Sweetheart is a true Sorceress, ultimately only limited by the effort she wishes to put into perfecting her art. In addition, she has some knowledge of occult sciences and alchemy. She understands these abilities as all being part of a single body of knowledge.

She is fluent in Old English as well as Old Irish, Old Norse, Latin, and modern English--her native tongue is Atlantean from the age of Arion.

Her favorite pastime was hunting, and she is still proficient with the horse, the bow, and other archaic weapons.

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