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Raja the Enchanter

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Powers: *Linked

Magic Sense: 6*, Sealed Systems: 4*


Sealed Systems does not work against radiation.

Skills: *Linked

Occultist: 6*, Thief: 5*, Animal Handling (Animal Training): 6*, Artist (Actor): 6*, Charisma (Persuasion): 6*, Acrobatics (Climbing): 5*


Ritual Discipline [Voodoo], Magical Workshop: 6AP


Catastrophic Irrational Attraction (Magic), Public Identity, Weirdness Magnet


RING OF RAJA[Body: 6, Sorcery: 6, R#: 3]
Bonuses: Ring is not the obvious source of Sorcery Power.
This may very well be the ugliest piece of jewelry ever made. A five-strand braid of brass, silver, and iron is forged into an irregular circlet. Mounted on it are various spinels, quartz chips, bits of amber, and fragments of an unidentifiable green rock that is most likely not emerald. This monument to bad taste is crowned with an enormous garnet. One would almost think that its unknown creator was trying to convince anyone who found it that this thing could never be a true item of power.
5 AP ABCD Omni-Artifact
Raja always keeps a minor artifact on hand. His broad interest in mysticism means that the artifact could be virtually anything.

Occult Rituals

Legs of the Fly[Cling: 4, Casting Time: 4 seconds (0AP), Necessary Components: fly leg (0AP)]
This ritual produces a set of immaterial legs that permit the caster to cling upon surfaces as if he were a fly. It requires the wing of a fly to be cast.
Madame LaVeau's Doll[Voodoo: 12, Casting Time: 1 day (15AP), Necessary Components: rare herbs (4AP)]
Raja claims that he learned this from the infamous Madame LaVeau, mistress of Voodoo and un-crowned Queen of New Orleans. Whatever his source, it appears to work.
The Stairs of the Fakir[Air Walking 5, Casting Time: 4 seconds (0AP), Necessary Components: Piece of rope and drop of "India ink" (0AP)]
It's not the "Indian rope trick", but it's still impressive. The caster is able to walk upon the air as if it were a solid surface.
Deep Reading[Mind Probe: 6, Casting Time: 15 minutes (8AP), Necessary Components: Custom Tarot Deck (6AP)]
This ritual delves into the mind of its subject. A less-than-scrupulous magician might use it to stage a seance...
Form of a Ghost[Dispersal: 5, Casting Time: 8 minutes (7AP), Necessary Components: A pinch of sulfur (0AP)] Dispersal cannot be used to inflict damage. Partial Dispersal permitted.
This ritual permits the caster to turn all or part of his body insubstantial enough to penetrate ordinary handcuffs, ropes, and chains. Raja uses it to perform otherwise impossible escape stunts.


Raja Katar (he legally changed his name from something painfully mundane) is a professional magician with a serious interest in the occult. From an early age he was obsessed with the idea of real magic. As a child he began to research the occult and play around with the stereotypical crystal ball, tarot cards, and palm reading. After several years he actually was able to glean some small amount of true occult knowledge and a great deal of simple chicanery. As Raja the Enchanter, he became one of the top 5 stage magicians in the world. His life changed permanently when, while on a command performance to the Dalai Lama, he discovered a ring that he recognized as an intensely powerful artifact.


Raja is very often involved in Power Complication subplots due to his constant dabbling in the supernatural. He occasionally finds his new life as a Mystery Man interferes with his schedule of world-class prestidigitator and escape artist. Raja also refuses to go into any detail as to the specifics of how he was able to acquire his ring after discovering it.


Raja dresses as a typical formal stage magician in top-hat and tails. However, one distinct feature is that he wears a great deal of gaudy costume jewelry to camouflage the Ring of Raja from the eyes of the uneducated. He eschews anything that resembles a "costume" or a mask, but he does admit that superheroes can come in handy when a vampire comes knocking at your door.
Alter Ego: Raja Katar Occupation: Stage Magician
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure Wealth: 9
Known Relatives: none Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: New York City Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180lbs Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Powers and Abilities

Without his magic relic, Raja can perform small feats of true magic, such as sensing arcane energies and researching and casting occult rituals, but with the ring, which he has modestly named, "The Ring of Raja", he is capable of true Sorcery.

Over time, he has equipped himself with an excellent laboratory and occult research library, which permits him to carry about a few potions of virtually any imaginable effect. His favored rituals include walking on walls, the dreaded voodoo doll, and his masterpiece, which permits him to actually pass through bonds.

He is also a highly-skilled stage magician and escape artist, which means he has all the skills of a top-flight sneak-thief. As part of this training, he has refined his breath-holding ability, which he has further enhanced through magical research.

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