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Dramatis Personae

Last Updated 11 September 1999


The Ranger
The only one of the new heroes with any link to the last age of legends.
The Elbiax
Horror walks among us, and it is even worse than this thing...
A lovely young girl who's older than America, with ties to ancient Atlantis, to boot.
Kathy Norris
Girl Detective and Occult Investigator


The Joker
Batman's enemy was the second to bear this name, and the original may have been even worse.
Harley Quinn
Don't believe cartoons. There was nothing cute or sweet about her.

Supporting Cast

James Taunton
Don't call him "Tonto".
Nicholas Marseilles
Don't even think of calling him "Tonto".

Reservists (Players incommunicado)

Raja the Enchanter
He could tell you why Houdini never found any real magic.
Green Lantern
Maybe what you might think, but not who you might think.

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